Public Awareness Media Campaign

The campaign will be divided into three distinct, overlapping, campaigns :


The FUNDRAISING Campaign ( Public Donations )

The EDUCATIONAL Campaign ( Informing the public about Early Childhood Education - and the desperate need for supporting it in South Africa )


For the free INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP drive, we will mainly use Social Media, specifically Facebook and Instagram - ( with Instagram videos also posted on an EarlyedALLIANCE YouTube Channel ) to initially target specific group data bases such as ECD Teachers, ECD Centres, Parents of Preschoolers, Grandparents, Pediatricians, Social Workers, etc.etc.

This will run at the same time as an AWARENESS and MEMBERSHIP DRIVE aimed at the General Public.

CONVENTIONAL PR - newspaper and magazine articles, TV interviews , etc will also be used.


Using the same Media Channels as above, we will promote a “ DONATE NOW “ Campaign. It will feature Themba Ntuli, our outstanding Ambassador / Spokesperson together with known personalities in sport and entertainment.

We will also approach Social Media and YouTube influencers to speak on behalf of the Early Childhood Education Cause.

Themba Ntuli will also spearhead a Church campaign promoting churchgoer membership - and donating to the cause. See initial video.


This will be focused on educating the public on the vital importance of Early Childhood Education. A campaign that will give people the facts, such as how 85% of IQ and Brain Development occurs by the age of 4, how learning skills are most developed, and basically set, by the age of 6 - and that, if these growth capabilities are not stimulated properly by the age of 6, a child will battle to “ catch-up “ and may be learning impaired for the rest of their life.