The Goals of the Earlyed ALLIANCE:

  • To promote public awareness of the vital importance of early childhood education
  • ​To educate the public about the desperate need for early education among the nearly 5 million children in South Africa – that presently get no preschool education whatsoever
  • To raise funds and support cost effective solutions that will help educate the underserved children in South Africa
  • To attract as many members, supporters and sponsors to join the Earlyed ALLIANCE as possible.

Early Education?

The Foundation of all Learning Starts in Early Childhood

“The period from birth to six years is the most important period for the development of a human being . At six, a young child has developed the main physical and mental capabilities on which he, or she, will then base their future development.”

The Challenge

Other than the nearly 5 million children in South Africa that currently have no opportunities to get a preschool education, approximately 75% of all children being born each year will face the same challenge.

Our Mission

Starting at a grass roots level, to support effective early childhood educational initiatives and projects that will help educate more underserved children in South Africa
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